Tale of a Knight

Minecraft Adventuregame

Tale of a Knight

Tale of a knight (ToaK) is a adventure RPG game within the game called Minecraft.

The game offers an experience never seen before in other adventuremaps.
It is so different, we decided to call it a 'Minecraft Adventure Game', instead of adventure map.
Currently the game is in it's alpha state, to prevent confusion on search engines, we decided to call it 'Demo' isntead of 'Alpha'.
The game takes the Minecraft mechanics and changes it to form a different look on the game in general.
For instance the way armor and damage work, is drasticly changed.
The estimated time it took for our game-testers to compleate it, was 1hour 30minutes.
This was achieved by skipping the subquests, and the dialog.
Our bugtesters already know the path to take and what to do, so we calculated the approxumate time it would take
for a player to beat the game, reading the dialog enough to understand what to do, doing subquests only when they
cross the player's path, and without death. The outcome of this whole calculation was approxumately 2Hours and 30Minutes.
Of course you might ask yourself: "Would I spend 2 and a half hours on this?"
We hope we can give you enough reason to actually do it.
We tried to keep grinding to a minimum. No one likes killing the same monster for a hour to gain money.
Also the few subquests we have are fun and don't revolve around killing 100 monsters.
We try to make the Main quest and subquests after the Demo, something new and not seen before
in many different adventure maps.


Chapter 1: The birth of nature.

This universe does not contain just "earth"..
Many dimensions roam the sky, no one knows why.
Dimensions so cold, cold as ice. Dimensions so hot, hot as magma.
Dimensions as empty as desert, dimensions plagued with monsters.
Earth was one of those empty dimensions. No one knows how,
No trees or grass covered the lands.. Well.. they did..
As they had no protection, they soon died after sprouting.
After this depressing dimention kept up for millions of years,
A saviour came.. The Earth dimention merged together with a new
dimention.. The new dimention was filled with trees, grass and oceans..
We call it "nature".. Nature's forests were preserved by their dimentions lifeforms, whisps. It were these whisps that took upon the task to preserve earth's life along with their own..




Chapter 2: A threat to us all.

Because of the whisps preserving two dimentions, they soon grew weak.
They took turns on focusing their energy towards the earth, and barely kept it up.. But they managed.. Untill the darkness came..

Creatures tall and so dark.. entered the earth and nature realm to consume it's life energy. The whisps were able to banish some of the dark beings.
But as soon as this dark presence noticed the whisps fighting back, they sent in a being of utherly darkness. The whisp's defences broke down immediately.. and soon enough they turned into slaves of the dark presence. As the tall beings consumed the planes, the being of utherly darkness ordered the whisps to feed his hunger. It consumed numerous whisps, and left them rest in suffer when they were nearly dried out of life energy, only to come back and feed the being once more.

Chapter 3: Birth of a hero.

It is unknown howlong the whisps have been enslaved.
As the nature realm slowly ran out of life spirit, most of the tall beings moved over to the Earth realm, and soon the being of utherly darkness would do so to.. But one being.. a human of the Earth realm. Seemed to expect the invasion. By ways unknown, he entered the nature realm and faught off the beast. With only a bow, and sword made out of sacred diamond.. material that has become extinct. The battle was intence, and many whisps had to give their life as the hero had to prevent the dark being from restoring his life spirit. The hero succeeded.. and as quick as he came, he left the nature realm. No one had heard from him. Some say he died of age.. some say he entered a sleep of hundreds of years.. With the dark being gone, so did it's minions. They have not roamed the surface of both the earth and nature realm ever again.