Tale of a Knight

Minecraft Adventuregame

How to install the game (Windows)

1- Click on Windows download link.                 The download should start.

2- Go to the bottom left on the screen, press the START button (Windows icon).

3- Type in the search bar:  %appdata%         and press enter.

4- Open the folder [.minecraft] then open the folder [bin].

5- Delete the file called [Minecraft]                     (Back it up if you want to keep your mods)

6- Open the ZIP file you downloaded in step 1

7- Drag the program [Minecraft] from the ZIP over into the folder [bin].

8- Go back to the folder [.minecraft] from step 4.

9- Now open the folder [saves].

10- Open the ZIP file you downloaded again, and drag the folder [TaleofaKnight] over into the [saves] folder.

11- Now run Minecraft like you always do.          If all is done correctly, you will see the startup Mojang picture has been changed.

12- Be sure you follow the rules listed on the left. These are added to improve your game experience! Have fun!