Tale of a Knight

Minecraft Adventuregame

What is minecraft?

It is posible for people to find this website or having heard from others that Tale of a Knight is a good game, but never even have even laid eyes on minecraft! Here is a quick explanation what Minecraft exactly is,                 + a download.


The controlls are quite simple and self explanatory.

You walk using the keys W A S D , quite simulair to the arrow keys.

You can change the direction you face using your mouse.

You can attack using your left mouse button, if you hold the button and aim at a block, you mine it!

If you press the E button, you open your inventory, you also got a small crafting grid of 2 by 2. You can put items in here to make different things. An example is: first punch a tree untill you get wood. Then drag the wood in your 2x2 crafting grid. You see planks epear on the left, which is the "outcome" spot. If you click on the wooden planks you craft your wood into planks. Now put 1 plank block in each slot on the 2x2 crafting grid, now you create a crafting table! Plonk it down on the ground by holding it in your hotbar, and right clicking it on the ground. Now you have a 3x3 crafting grid!

These are the basic controlls, try creating a house out of blocks to get the hang of it! But be carefull.. don't be outside at night!

Free game!

Minecraft is a game that costs 20$.. Not much for the unlimited things you can do with it! But if you can't afford that, you can always download the free client. If you use the free client, you can not log in under an acount. Instead you will play as "player". All the single player content is exactly the same as the paid version. The difference between paid and free is:

Paid get to play on online servers

Paid get to make their own skins and put it on their character

You can download the free version on the right!

This download is for Windows. For other platforms go to www.Minecraft.net