Tale of a Knight

Minecraft Adventuregame

After reading or watching the video on how to play the game, you are able to skip the in-game tutorial. It is advised to follow at least 1 of the 3 tutorials to prevent you from getting stuck while playing, and to prevent any of the game mechanics being destroyed.

How to play: Text Format

1: Pressure plates.

Pressure plates can be found troughout the game. These are placed to activate NPC or cutscenes troughout the game. Most of the pressure plates are placed in choke points. Choke points are places that are narrowed down to a small path for instance a door, to be sure the player walks on the plate rather than walk around it. If you bypass a pressure plate or destroy a pressure plate, it could result in the game mechanics not working correctly. Which means for instance a NPC not spawning to help you continue in a quest.

2: Quests.

Although there is one majour chain-quest that acts as the main storyline, there are many small quests troughout the game that get you special items or unlockables. These small quests are not neccesary to compleate the game, but their rewards can aid you in challanging areas or when you are running low on money. To know what quests are currently active, open your inventory using [E], then click on the Quest tab on the top of the inventory screen. All quests are catagorised for each area.                                  (Ex. Foothill - Greenfields - Main Quest - Regal - ...)

3: Currency.

The currency in the world differs on each area. While human factions use coins made out of copper, silver and gold.. Elves and dwarves use their own material. Coins stack up to amounts of 64, and can be swapped for coins of greater value. You can exchange coins in any bank, and in some shops.

10 copper = 1 silver

10 silver = 1 gold

Exhanging human coins to dwarven or elven is posible aswell. However this will cost money.

12 gold = 1 elven/dwarven

1 elven/dwarven = 6 gold

4: Npc interaction [Dialog]

Many NPC can be talked to. They will either open dialog, open a shop a bank or a pricelist for them to acompany you in your quest. When it opens dialog, you sometimes get the chance to talk back, this can be done when you see a wheel on the bottom of the dialog screen. In this weel your cursor changes to a dot and with this you can indicate how you want to respond. Sometimes your responce can change the outcome of the dialog.

5: Npc interaction [Shops]

When an npc opens a shop, you see a number of slots. The only slot you can use is the lonely slot on the left of the screen. On the right you can see slots that contain items. [1] = [2]   The first slot shows the price (1) while the second slot shows what you get in return (2).

6: Npc interaction [Bank]

A bank works simulair like a chest. You are able to put items in your bank. These items will not travel with you, unless you use a Bank2Go.                 A Bank2Go is a bank that works simulair to the ender chest. All items put in the Bank2Go will epear in Bank2Go's in other cities.                                   In both types of bank, you are able to expand the amount of bank space, however this costs money.

7: Npc interaction [Mercenary]

A mercenary is a character that is willing to travel and fight with you.      They will ask a price for each day they travel with you. You can extend the time they stay with you at any time when they follow you. After their days are over, they will disepear.

8: Damage factors.

Unlike Minecraft's original version, damage works ina  different way.           When comparing a original minecraft zombie with the Tale of a Knight monsters, The zombie would be level 5. While the highest level in Tale of a Knight is 100, one hit of that would destroy diamond armor.                 When you are wearing no armor, a level 10 monster will kill you in 1 strike. 

There are 9 different armor types                                                               -Leather armor                                                                                         -Bronze armor                                                                                         -Iron armor                                                                                             -Steel armor                                                                                             -Montague armor*                                                                                     -Capulet armor                                                                                           -Nanorum armor                                                                                        -Dryadalum armor                                                                                   -???? armor

In order from low quality to high quality. With exception for Montague* armor. This set of armor is as strong as Capulet, but it will break about 50 times quicker than gold. This is due to the fact that you aren't suposed to wear it.

There are 9 different weapon types                                                           -Wooden weapons         

  -Stone weapons                                                                                      -Bronze weapons                                                                                       -Iron weapons                                                                                             -Steel weapons                                                                                        -Capulet weapons                                                                                           -Nanorum weapons                                                                                        -Dryadalum weapons                                                                                   -???? weapons

In order from weak (wood) to strong (Dryadalum). Since building or mining is not allowed in the game, equipment to mine has been changed to new type of weapons. They still do nice damage.

There are 5 types of each material of weapon.                                           -Staff               (Hoe)                                                                                       -Dagger           (Shovel)                                                                                 -Spear             (Pickaxe)                                                                         -Axe                 (Axe)                                                                               -Sword             (Sword)                                                                           

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