Tale of a Knight

Minecraft Adventuregame

How to report a bug:

There are two ways to make a bug report:
1- Use the form on the right.
2- Send it trough Email.
Be sure to explain your bug clearly!

Note: A bug is not just something wrong with game mechanics, it can also be something like a hole in the wall, or ways to get out of areas when you are not suposed to. Take the second bug on the 'known bugs' for instance, an area you get stuck in is a bug aswell.

How to bug report:

Your minecraft username (If the bug proves to be true, you will be added to the credtis)

Email adress:
NOT REQUIRED, but it does help when i need more detail of the bug.
Note that your email will not be used for anything.

Bug type:
Determine what type of bug you found:
-Graphical bug (skin being disorted for example)
-World bugs (holes in the floor where you get stuck in, or hole in wall or anything that allows you to walk out of the map into areas your not suposed to be in)
-Dialog problems (any bugs or problems involving dialog)
-Interaction bugs (bugs in shops, banks, transports, anything involving what npc do.

Bug report:
Write a report on the bug.
-What happened
-Where it happened
-About when in the game?
-How it happened
-What caused it
-Tips to fix it?
Thank you for reporting this bug! You can expect to be in the credits!
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Known bugs:

-Boat to Montague city doesn't work.
This is actually NOT a bug, so please do not report it.
Some players have mistaken the small rowboat with Capulet Knights in them for the ship you need to take to Montague city for the quest 'Severed ears'. The ship for this quest is the stolen montague ship on the other side of the docks, not the small boat.

We have changed the dialogue for the Capulet Knight on the boat to point you the way to the Montague ship before you start the quest that actually needs the small boat.

-Aiyana's transport to Foothill village is not showing up.
This is near the end of the demo, instead of re-doing the demo I suggest watching this video below.

[First submitted by: nightwolf51]

-Death in Montague City will cause you to get trapped in the area.
Guards will kill you instantly when you are not wearing armor, so you won't be able to retrieve your items. To get out of the area you can head over to the first house on your left upon entering the city, on the first floor there will be a game master. Take only the transport to Regal, the other transports might ruin your game experience! Or watch the video below.

[First submitted by: hawk4687]